Tuesday, February 21, 2012

gotta show off some of my GRAPHIC DESIGN!! haha

I haven't been employed to do much graphic design work, it's been all photography lately. I recently took some photos of myself when I had some down time and wanted to mess with them digitally just to make sure I still know what I am doing, lol. So I did a mostly digital piece called ROCKETMAN and just added slight digital enhancement to the others. Hit me up for ANY of your graphic design needs!!! I'm NICE.
I rep DOUBLE UP located in Birmingham, MI


Thursday, February 16, 2012

it's 4:20 somewhere.............

I've been going through, organizing, editing some photos I got on one of my external hard drives and am very happy with the re-editing of some shots. Coming across these shots actually made me miss my homeboys back home and the GARAGE SESSIONS we would have in the humid summer nights in MI.

Monday, February 13, 2012


I was messin with some old photos I took of my friends Amanda & Krystle and here's what came of it. I have obviously been listening to a lot of Drake and The Weeknd lately as you can tell from the lines on the photos, haha. Valentine's Day was not on my mind but it just so happens it's tomorrow, so hit me up if you wanna do some SEXY shots and have a very seductive, delicious, VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

HLM promo shots for 2012

This past Saturday, which was the day of the fight I had been waiting for, DIAZ vs CONDIT (I was disappointed for sure), Hero's Last Mission & I linked up after shooting a promo video.We had found this cool ass looking spot in the backyard of our homie Chris Martinez's house, he said it was cool for us to shoot there so we took full advantage. So big thanks go out to Chris Martinez!! I'm sure we'll team up with HLM again to take more shots, it's always good times.

last minute shoot w/Julian Mendoza of Hero's Last Mission

After a shoot for a client, we had the lights set up still so we took some shots of the drummer of Hero's Last Mission, Julian Mendoza. Check em out!! haha.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

bring the belt home to CA this weekend Nick Diaz!!!

NEW promos!!!

After we did some head shots for a Business Association, we did some shots of ourselves for fun, which turned out to be some cool promos, let me know what you think!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I support INSTAGRAM, go download the app!!!

I'm personally a huge fan of the app INSTAGRAM for cell phones, it puts the fun of taking photos/editing them at the palm of your hands, not too mention, making it so easy even a CAVEMAN can do it, lol.  Go download it and follow me (SC3DesignsAllDay), I'll follow back if you're obsessed with it like I am.

I took photos of Mike Posner, go check em out!!!!

Sacramento, CA's HOT 103.5 employed me to take photos of one of my hometown homies, Mike Posner for their "One Night Stand" event. Click on the screenshot of HOT 103.5's website and go check em out!!!