Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ariel Jean & Jette at The Press Club

My fam, Julian and Luis(from HLM) were filling in and playing with Ariel Jean at The Press Club in Sacramento this past Tuesday, so I had to go. I have worked with Ariel a couple times in the past, she's a homie, AND another one of our friends, Jeanette Hawkins was also performing with her band, so it was a win win. I like sometimes, to restrict myself to using my new lens so I get super familiar with it. So that's what I did this time. I just got a 50mm lens and am loving using it in low light. It's now my go to lens. Check out some of the shots I got!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015


I made a silhouette of myself. Then I thought, my gf is just as recognizable as me, so I had to make one of her too. We are THE COUPLE.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


My brother from another, Julian, and I went to Las Vegas for the NAB SHOW to check out all the new camera gear and accessories coming out. Had some laughs, good food, cold beer, and awesome weather on our trip. If you're a camera/video gear head, you should check out the NAB SHOW, every company you can think of has a booth there.

The Wiz Kid at Sacto Mofo.

My fam has started a cover band called The Wiz Kid. They play at ALL types of events, go see them!! I recently took a couple shots of them at a Sacto Mofo event aka THE BEST FOOD TRUCK event in the greater Sacramento area. Follow them on Facebook. Enjoy the food and enjoy these shots!!


Detroit is where I was born and raised. The state of Michigan will always have my heart. I love seeing my family, and hanging out with them. Even though times have changed and everyone doesn't seem to be as close nit as they used to be when I was younger, I still miss them so much. My Ruca, Jenni, and I went to visit a couple weeks ago for about a week and a half. We did a lot of stuff!!! We went to Detroit Tigers Opening Day, the DIA, Ann Arbor, 8 Mile, etc. Showing Jenni why I loved growing up there and what makes Detroit and the state of Michigan great made my heart feel good. Especially because she loves it there. I think one day I'll move back. I just need to enjoy my time here in California and where ever else I move. Here's some shots I didn't share on FB.