Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Witnessed a lil jam session at the Chris Martinez ranch last night. A group of talented musicians in one room, playing music. I had to took a couple shots of my friends: Chris Martinez on guitar, Julian Mendoza on drums, Lee Hurtado on bass, Luis Hurtado on guitar, and last but not least, Kristy Graves on vocals. Check it.


This past Friday, I went to Concerts In the Park at the Ceasar Chavez Park in downtown Sacramento with my friend Elana and our friend Janell. Low and behold, we run into our old friend Q. And at this point, it was one of those nights were I only had one plan to go somewhere, and the rest of the night, I just went with the flow. So after CIP, Q suggested going to this adult arcade called COIN-OP that was only a couple blocks away, so we said FUCK IT, let's go. I'm so glad we went there, it was fun as hell!! Full coin arcade, like the old days. Full bar with CRAFT BEER. I was in heaven. Then after that we went to Piece's, a bomb ass pizza place. I'm pretty mad I didn't take any shots of my pizza, haha. Check it out.

Sunday, July 19, 2015


While helping my homie Julian shoot our friend, songstress, Xochi. I got a couple shots in without the flash. Just trying out my new Sigma lens I got. I got to say, it has made shooting a lot more fun lately. Another way to look at things. Along with my 50mm, I've been enjoying the camera a lot more. BIG EGO x XOCHI

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Today, BIG EGO CLOTHING hung out with Sacramento's own songstress, Xochi. Julz did the shoot today while I gave the assist. We had some fun shooting her. She's got a good personality, easy going,  good taste in music("Lovefool" by The Cardigans, haha), beautiful, and was a breeze to work with. While Julz was shooting using the strobe lights, I got a couple shots in with no flash. I love using this new Sigma lens 17-70mm lens I got. It's super wide and takes some decent shots. This one was my favorite. Pumped to shoot with her again. Keep an eye out for the shots Julian took for BIG EGO CLOTHING today, coming soon!! And you can see Xochi perform live at Concerts In The Park at Ceasar Chavez Park in Sacramento, CA this Friday 7-17-15 at 5:20pm!!! Go check her out!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I had the pleasure of helping out my fam Hero's Last Mission with their latest video shoot for their new song, "Poison". I was only available to help on Sunday(1st day of shooting), but while I was there, I managed to snap a couple shots.

Getting a new lens for me is like getting a new toy, I had to play with it. So I snapped some behind the scene shots, check em out.

Monday, July 6, 2015


I recently got promoted, which means I'm going to have to leave my Vans store in Roseville. My team is the only reason I don't want to leave. When you work with people everyday, you get pretty connected to them. You learn how to recognize when they get mad, when they are happy, when something is wrong. You learn about their home life, their families, their love lives, basically everything. I got really close to my team at this store. I have grown with them. I will miss them very much when I leave this weekend. But......new adventures are always fun too. Bring it on!! I will be taking more shots this week. But here's a lil look into our store.