Wednesday, November 4, 2015

XOCHI takes over Sac State!!

I had the day off of work today and saw that my homie, the beautiful and talented singer/songwriter, Xochitl, was playing at Sac State at noon. So, me and Julez said, FUCK IT, let's go!!! We got there about 15 minutes late but parking sucks at Sac State. No one can park or drive in CA, let alone at a college, haha. Check out a couple shots I got.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Julz shoots THUNDER............COVER.

I went along on a shoot with my bro Julz who was shooting his homies, the band, THUNDER COVER. They are a group of funny dudes who are awesome players in a cover band from Sacramento, CA. The shoot was going down at a recording studio in Roseville, CA and possibly some spots outside the studio. It was cold and rainy which was a nice change up from the usual sun and heat everyday. I helped Julz anyway I could and of course I took my camera too, so I snapped a couple shots while Julz was doing his thing. Make sure to check out THUNDER COVER at your local casino or event around the Nor-Cal area. Here's the shots I took, enjoy.