Monday, December 2, 2013

Need an album cover designed?! Get at me.

I love to design and help a fellow artist make sure their stuff looks CLEAN. Taylor Lynn Cullen is coming out with a new EP titled Fate and Luck due out very soon, keep an eye out for it!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

4 DIMES for the price of 1.

Putting some finishing touches on the last couple shots of BABES4CHANGE. Staring at them for hours while editing has me in a love trance with these females, haha. Here's some more shots from that shoot. Check em out!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Finishing SLOWLY but surely.

My other job is taking up a lot of my time lately but slowly but surely I've been finishing up photos from the shoot this past Sunday with the gorgeous females of BABES4CHANGE. Here's another one for you guys to check out. In this shot, their backs look almost as good as their fronts, dammit, was that another unintentional dirty comment? Haha. Keep an eye out for them performing in a town near you and new music they will soon be releasing!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

BABES4CHANGE did their thing 2day.

So, I get a text from my friend Jeanette asking if I'd take shots of her and her newly formed band called BABES4CHANGE. I say, of course, I mean how bad could it be taking pics of "babes", haha. Today was the day and these chicks had been up all morning doing there make-up and getting ready for us to start at 1:30pm. They worked their asses off. Once we started shooting in Loomis, CA, they went to work. Looked good in EVERY shot and had fun doing it. Always fun when models make my job easier. Being in a good mood, being relaxed, and chill helps taking shots a fun exciting experience. Thanks for the good times, will be shooting with you chicks again real soon!! Check out one of the shots, I'll be posting them as I edit them. Keep and eye out for those and these females BABES4CHANGE performing in a city near you.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

BRANDY from BABES4CHANGE murdered it!!!

This is 1 of my favorite shots from todays shoot with BABES4CHANGE. Brandy murdered it in this one. Check it out.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

Lindsey Pavao in the house.

Last night, I traveled with Hero's Last Mission and their tourmate Lindesey Pavao to play the FIRST stop on their joint tour in Lindsey's home town of Ripon, CA. First off, I have to say, from hearing them practice, and now seeing them perform live together, I feel HLM and Lindsey are going to have a long musical friendship together, pleasuring peoples ears all along the way, haha. I wish I could hear Lindsey sing to me every night on tour but that'll have to wait for the next one, haha. Also, I have to say, the ladies in Ripon are very nice and pretty cute too, I wouldn't mind going back. I took some video and snapped some photos so you'll be seeing both real soon but for now I edited 1 of my favorite shots of the night. ENJOY.

Need a photo booth?! Get at me.

Just recently got into doing PHOTO BOOTHS so if you're in need, get at me!! Pictured here is my assistant for the night Myrabel Guzman and myself taking advantage of all the costumes, haha.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My friends are MUSICians.

My fam Hero's Last Mission had a last minute show with our extended fam Chris Martinez(Hollywood Texas Blues) and his side project opened up the night. Chris' side project comprised of players from his church killed it, especially the lead singer Leah, it was hard not to fill up all my memory cards with shots of her. They played at Marilyn's On K in downtown Sacramento, CA. Using this 85mm lens has lit a new fire under me for taking pictures, put some excitement back into it for me. Check out some of the shots!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

E&J - Mother & Son

After having a terrible day, finding out that the piece that holds the umbrella and the wireless flash is MIA, running out of gas, then still had to take some shots of my friend Erieca and her son Jordan with the little bit of light that was left and find a way to make my wireless flash work for me...................I'm surprised I got any decent shots at all. I was not in the mood to shoot, let alone shoot in the MacGyver style I had to shoot in. I think we got a couple good shots though so hopefully it wasn't a total wash. On the upside, Erieca was blessed with good looks so it wasn't hard to take photos of her. Also on a positive note, she'll be shooting with me soon on a solo basis so we can get some grown and sexy shots. Sorry for the mishaps Erieca, hopefully you like some of the shots I got!!

Friday, August 16, 2013


Been in a super good mood lately so I've been really feelin the creativity. The shots I took last night of HLM at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill with the 85mm lens was an orgasmic experience for me, that lens is AMAZING. I'm pumped to shoot more with this lens in the future. It really got me excited to shoot again, seeing that I've been MIA lately with the photos. Here's a couple shots from last nights show, let me know what you think.