Monday, May 4, 2015

TAHOE SWEET PARTY portrait session.

I went to South Lake Tahoe, CA recently and visited my friend Meghan McFarlin. She is a very talented personal chef, servicing the South Lake Tahoe area. I designed her website, and all I needed left, was a good portrait of her to put on her ABOUT ME page. I wanted to go spend the day in Tahoe before the shoot, it's so nice and smells so fresh, I love it there!!! Meghan took me to Cave Rock, and we climbed to the top.........the view of the lake was so nice. The bluest/clearest water I have ever seen. GORGEOUS. I like working with cool people, it's always a pleasure. Even more so when they are from Michigan, haha. Can't wait to work with her again. Now go check out her website!!