Thursday, December 8, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...........

This year is Baby Mase's 1st Christmas!!! We are so excited to buy Mase presents and see him in his Christmas pj's on Christmas morning. This is just the beginning of holiday photos I will be taking of SCIV. Can't wait to take more soon!!!

Baby Dirty Sanchez

Baby Mase is lucky enough to have parents who like to torture him by dressing him up in outfits and taking pictures of him, haha. I can't wait until he gets older and sees these pictures blown up on canvas for his girlfriends to laugh at. I love you papa!!! My little Dirty Sanchez.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Baby Mase goes to Apple Hill

Baby Mase, his momma, and myself took an adventure to Apple Hill to get some donuts, hot chocolate, and some good sights. We went early in the morning and on a Wednesday so there wouldn't be too many people. It was perfect timing because there was only a couple people when we got there and didn't start getting busy until we left at about noon. When we were eating donuts, I took a couple shots of baby Mase and his momma. Then we finished up and left after that and headed home. Before we left for Apple Hill, we laid in bed and I took a couple shots of the Prince before we left.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dia De Los Muertos 2016

I want to show SCIV some traditions I wasn't raised with, like Dia De Los Muertos. Now that I know a little bit more about the holiday, I'm going to start observing it yearly. Asking my California cousins questions about the procedure so I didn't mess up the altar helped a lot. Jenni got everything prepared and arranged everything on the altar for us then I came in and tweaked it a tad. To celebrate even more, we joined my cousins at a ceremonial event at a cemetery in Sacramento. I loved the colors, the feel, the heritage, the rawness, and the energy of the people who participated in the native dances. Everything was organic and therapeutic at the same time. Can't wait to go again next year.

Happy Halloween from Baby Mase and his mom & dad!!!

It was Prince Salvador Mason Cid IV first Halloween. So we celebrated by going to downtown Placerville with our friends Matt, Zoe, and baby Ivy. Our lil Ewok was so little & cute!!! Can't wait until next year.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

SCIV & IVY at the park.

Our friends Matt, Zoe, and Princess Ivy went to the park with us so the lil monsters can swing and enjoy the great outdoors. The babies loved the swings!!! They were a lil small for them but they made it work, haha. I can't wait for these lil monsters to grow to bigger lil monsters so we can run around the park and play on the play place.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

SCIV is 4 months old!!!!

I still can't believe that our little monster is 4 months old!!!!!! Mornings is my favorite time to spend with my little boy. He's just so happy and ready for the day, like his pappy. So I took a couple shots of him just playing in bed with his mamma and pappy. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I had been wanting to take some shots of my lil papa frita, Salvador Cid IV. So when it was 108 degrees outside last night, I decided to stay in the air conditioning and see what kind of shots we could come up with in our lil apartment. I work for VANS and I have always wanted to do a VANS inspired shoot with my lil baby but VANS doesn't make infant clothing. So, I took matters into my own hands and hand drew a VANS logo onto one of SCIV's onesies. We then grabbed some alphabet blocks, our VANS blanket, and his poppy, and made newborn photographic magic. Time was not on our side unfortunately, because we didn't want him breathing in the permanent marker fumes for too long and he was starting to get antsy. At first, he was the perfect lil model that he is, and took some awesome shots. After the first set up, he was over it already though. We wanted to do maybe 2 more looks but that was definitely not happening. I will be sending these into the corporate office and see if I can convince them to start producing infant/toddler clothing, at least for the website.