Friday, February 26, 2016

Would you accept a collect call from............WeHadaBabyItsaBoy. I've been practicing, haha.

This past week, Jenni and I went back to my home state of Michigan to show off the baby bump before the new baby Cid is born. Since we will not be back to Michigan before the baby is born, mi familia planned a baby shower for us!!!! We had so much fun just hanging out with familia and spending time with all the people that have supported me my whole life. They have loved me unconditionally and now they are extending that love to our baby boy Salvador Cid IV. Words can not express how excited am to be a dad. It also makes me super happy to know that I will have Jenni by my side to help form and mold our son. Jenni is going to be the most amazing, loving, caring, mom to Lil IV. We had some down time after the shower so we decided to take a couple shots in my moms kitchen. Check em out!!

Friday, February 12, 2016

XOCHI & ANDREW at The Owl Club

My favorite bar has open mic night every Thursday and last night, our good friends Xochi and Andrew came by to grace us with their majestic voices. Here's some shots I took from the night, check them out.


It's funny, Rachel and I have been talking about shooting with each other for about 3/4 years now and this is now our SECOND time shooting together. It's always fun hanging out with her and just shooting the shit with her. Oh yeah, and we got some cool shots in too, haha. Check them out!!

THE MILE HIGH CLUB 420 photo shoot

My homie Nicole from The Mile High Club 420, a new clothing brand from Sacramento, hit me up to take some shots for her brands website recently. We were both pretty busy and didn't get a chance to meet and talk details about the shoot. I usually HATE doing shoots without being prepared. By prepared, I mean, I need to go to the location, scout out shots, scout out lighting, see what the models look like, see what vision the client has, etc. Even though this was an improvised shoot, I am super happy with these shots. I was also super stoked to work with the gorgeous models she had. Check out the shots!! And check out the brand!!!! Look them up on Instagram @themilehighclub420