Tuesday, May 6, 2014

GABS!!!!!!!!! Is.........A..........BAD ASS.

Just recently, I did some senior portraits for my dearest Gaby. Her mom, Mia, had brought some vinyls to the shoot because Gaby is a music lover and she wanted to showcase that. I hadn't planned for doing any shots with props so I had to think quick on my feet. Thank goodness for the good people I surround myself with like Zulema and her familia because I can always count on them for ideas and feedback on shots.

I hope you liked the shots I got of you Gabs!!! So proud of you and happy I got the chance to meet you and be a part of this crazy/awesome/scary/exciting time of your life. After graduation, you're gonna go on to do great things.

This shot was by far one of my favorites.